Which Product is Right for You?

SUGAR SCRUB - Containing a nourishing exfoliating experience for your skin to have maximum polish and glow. The sugar contains key nutrients to replenish your skins natural beauty.

SALT SCRUB - Containing pure sea salts that are fine grain to help exfoliate dead skin cells and paves way for fresh cells to regenerate without being abrasive to skin.

LOTION BARS - These are unique ways to keep up your skin with easy application and great benefits. They contain all the same natural organic ingredients as other products but is specific for providing long-term, non-oily skin. Plus they are travel friendly!

SOAP - These soaps contain nourishing ingredients and essential fragrances. Traditional soap does not contain true glycerin because it has been removed during production. This is why it leaves your skin feeling dry and why you feel the need to buy a moisturizer for after shower care. My soap contains the naturally occurring glycerin leaving your skin feeling soft and alleviating the need for secondary  moisturizers.

How Do I Use my Product?

SUGAR or SALT SCRUB - Apply a palm size amount to any area you would like to exfoliate, hydrate and soften. Scrub gently but use firm strokes to help with massaging the oils into the skin. This will also help diminish dead skin cells. After about 30 seconds to 1 minute you will start to feel the sugar or salt fade away. Once you reach this point, rinse with warm water and dry.

LOTION BARS - There are three ways to apply the lotion bar.

1. Warm bar slightly between your palms and then rub the bar over any area you would like to keep hydrated.

2. Apply the bar to wet/damp skin after showering, once your pores are opened. This will give maximum strength of hydrating the skin.

3. Apply directly to dry skin in a circular motion to help penetrate the  skin.

SOAP - Wet soap bar and massage directly into skin, hand mitt or loofa. Gently work soap into a lather on skin, rinse and enjoy.

How Long Will my Products Last?

Do to the all natural, organic nature of my products they do not have an expiration date. Instead these time frames are suggestions of use. As in, try to use the product within 6 months to a year from your date of purchase for maximum skin benefits.

SUGAR SCRUB - 6 months to one year

SALT SCRUB - 1 year

LOTION BARS - 1 year

SOAP - 1 year