Hey there,


first off, thank you for the interest in my products. It means the world to me. I am currently an ongoing student in the medical field, starting out as a medical assistant, being and EMT, and now pursuing a career goal to be a registered nurse.

With doing all of those things, I never really have time to go to the store when I need some items that are essential to my health. I have always run into issues with big name, store bought products even when they are portrayed to be natural and organic. I would buy them, use them and it would either dry out my skin too much, or I would breakout and have rough skin. Not to mention breaking the bank having to buy a new product to try when the previous product fails.

After much thought, I decided to buy things that I thought would be useful for my skin to help heal and promote healthy skin without chemical ingredients I had never heard of. After successfully finding the right formula and having a lot of interest from family and friends I decided to launch Naturals by Cassidy.

I have now branched out to make other essential items needed in the bathroom to help with various skin conditions.